Victoriei Square

The new Rhapsody


Timișoara, Romania




Public Space



In Cooperation with

Arch. Erica Trampitsch

Seko Arhistudio Vision SRL Arch. Borza Sergiu


Competition entry

With our contribution to the modernisation of Victoriei Square, we wanted to create a dynamic, inviting place characterised by a harmonious blend of historical reverence and contemporary vitality-with special focus on extensive greening, traffic calming and connecting the important historic areas.

From visual to functional

This transformation bridges Timisoara's past, present and future - a place where residents and visitors can connect with the city's history and culture and create lasting memories. With seating, landscaping, well - lit pathways and gastronomic offerings, a dynamic space is created that meets the needs of the community while preserving its cultural heritage.

"Traditional Carpet"

A primary focal zone extends symbolically from the church to the opera house, forming a connection reminiscent of a traditional Romanian “carpet”, with a unique linear paving design inspired by regional patterns.

Significant historical monuments are seamlessly integrated within the “carpet” accentuated through distinctive circular or triangular paving motifs. Within close proximity to the monuments, various gathering areas offer unique atmospheres, inviting spaces where people can gather, interact, and enjoy cultural events.

Playgrounds for All Ages

The space becomes a green gathering spot with interactive play and leisure areas for everyone. These spaces feature outdoor play elements and fitness equipment that promote movement and social interaction. They seamlessly blend into the lush green surroundings and aim to encourage an active lifestyle for all.

Lighting System

A well-planned warm white lighting system enhances aesthetics and safety, including effect lighting of the three historical buildings: Opera house, Cathedral and Huniade Castle. We use light poles of varying heights to suit different areas, with shorter poles for intimate seating areas among trees and taller poles for larger gathering spaces. Indirect lighting also enhances plants, fountains, water features, and floor luminaries.


New ecosystems are created by unsealing areas and extensive greenery with native plants. They serve as habitats and natural protection zones for many species. The historic tuja trees act as guardians of time and contribute to the unique ecological balance of the area. Victoriei Square has to become a green oasis in the middle of the city, providing biodiversity and bringing nature back into the urban habitat.

Sponge City Concept

Inspired by the sponge city concept, we integrate permeable green spaces and extensive planting. We use small format unsealed paving materials to allow water to naturally infiltrate the ground. Implementing sustainable water management, where the soil acts as a natural sponge, absorbing and storing water. This stored water can supply trees as well as fountains and water features on the square. The infiltration of water prevents flooding and improves the microclimate and air quality.