Skinny Kitchen

Inside out

Skinny Kitchen is an elongated corridor that connects two places along a horizontal path and whose functional units are turned inside out. The special proportionality of the space, made of the finest Statuario marble, determines the rules of movement, perspectives and modes of function.








Art object - competition entry

Experiential space

This spatial phenomenon connects the interior with the outside world and creates a confusing physiological effect. Through its dimension and materiality, the glance of the viewer becomes centered and focused. The tightly placed, reflecting marble walls and the light of the interior drag the observer’s view to the interior of the kitchen. The kitchen itself functions only to a limited extent due to the width of the aisle. As an artistic appearance, it only operates as a subtle experiential space.

Sculpture meets Architecture

The object made of marble intends to take on the body, sense and mind of the observer. Sculpture meets architecture and a spectrum is created in which the role of the observer is not just a passive witness. The viewer becomes directly and physically involved. He is "executing" the object rather than "seeing" it.