Office Building

Office concept of the future


Vienna, Austria







In Cooperation with

Zechner & Zechner ZT GmbH

Home office, shared desks or co-working space - the modern workplace should reflect today's business world and be adapted to the needs of the employees. This was also our goal in this interior design study. Office space on several floors was redesigned. Not only was a new design concept developed, but important office functions were also adapted and modernised.

Lobby and cafeteria

You enter the office via the lobby. Here people come and go, wait and meet each other. A wide wooden staircase opens up the room to the Conference Centre on the next floor. Surrounded by columns and small seating islands, it gives the room structure and makes the lobby a cosy place to meet. The canteen combines buffet, food court, café and working area. Here you can eat comfortably with colleagues, grab a quick coffee at the coffee bike or get some work done in the collaboration area.



Representative of the company, some important service areas are to be included in the stylistic concept. These are embodied as "theme worlds" by various elements such as lift gondolas, a birch forest or a fitness area within the different office floors.


Marketplace and main streets

The Training and Conference Centre functions as the core of the office. It resembles a marketplace in structure and layout. The various functions and spaces are arranged like market stalls around the open space in the middle. This makes the entire floor open and accessible from all sides - it remains varied and exciting. Large conference tables, private seating areas, break-out areas, training rooms and a seminar room for 150 people are located here as well. All other office floors are similarly organised. They are reminiscent of boulevards, with the individual rooms and meeting rooms lined up like "houses" on the left and right.


Wood, stone, concrete

Natural materials such as wood and stone are used throughout the office area. Soft, warm colours in pastel and natural shades as well as smooth shapes create a pleasant atmosphere. The open spaces gain structure through room dividers and columns and are greened with various plants. Large lamps swing from the bright ceilings and provide warm light. Visible pipes and ceiling elements give the rooms an "industrial touch" and thus create a pleasant contrast.