ÖBB Sanitary Facilities

Safe & clean


Innsbruck, Austria




Public Areas


Guenter Richard Wett

Commissioned by

ÖBB Immobilienmanagement GmbH


A roll-out of the sanitary facilities based on the pilot project is planned throughout Austria.


We were commissioned by ÖBB to plan the new train station sanitary facilities. Our goal was to design the facilities in a demand-oriented and optimised way and to create a uniform design for all facilities. The draft for the pilot project at the railway station in Innsbruck has already been successfully realised. Based on this design, further facilities were successfully implemented at other locations such as Vienna Meidling, Vienna Floridsdorf, Zell am See and Feldkirch.

Safe & Clean

In order to increase safety in the facilities and to lower the inhibition threshold of entering per se, the entrance area can be seen from the outside through a glass door. The transparency of the room and the avoidance of nooks and "dark corners" strengthen the users' sense of security.

From entering the toilet facility through the sliding door to the cubicle, all processes are completely contactless. Fittings and flushing systems are also activated by sensors. All surfaces are contemporary and long-lasting. To make cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible, all surfaces are kept smooth. The texture of the wall tiles allows for streak-free cleaning and the shading of the floor tiles is forgiving of light soiling.



In order to give the rooms a more personal effect despite their sterility, we have applied regionally or location-specific customisable surfaces to the main walls.


Friendly lighting atmosphere

The basic lighting is provided by recessed spotlights. For further accentuation, simple Led light strips are inserted into the ceiling and walls. These light strips also provide an orientation aid. The basic lighting can be reduced in intensity as desired with a simple lighting control system and adapted to the natural light conditions.


Spacious toilet cubicles

The wash basins and vanity units are made of solid surface material, the wall fittings are made of stainless steel. The waste bin is located directly next to the vanities; spacious collecting bins are planned in the lower units. The individual cubicles are generously designed and thus also offer enough space to put down a suitcase or a travel bag. The same applies to the storage areas next to the washbasins.