ÖBB Modules

Waiting area and sanitary facilities




2020 - (ongoing)





Commissioned by

ÖBB Immobilienmanagement GmbH

With the aim of providing a high-quality and uniform infrastructure for customer sanitary facilities and waiting areas, the ÖBB modules were developed. The modular design offers the advantage of uniform, efficient and cost-effective production as well as simple installation. The pilot project will be realised at four different locations (Hall in Tirol, Hainburg Ungartor, Eichgraben Altlengbach and Völs/Tirol) and an Implementation throughout Austria is planned.


After successful implementation at the pilot locations, a nationwide rollout of the modules is planned throughout Austria.


Ready to go

A finished module consists of a foundation, the module room and a roof. The individual rooms, as well as the roof, are already produced and equipped in the factory. They are then delivered as a whole to the desired location, where the parts can simply be connected and installed. In this way, the modules are cheap to produce and quick and easy to construct.

Thanks to the high-quality materials and the high quality of construction, a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing construction is guaranteed. The aim was to build in an ecologically sustainable way. For this reason, we decided to use glulam for the basic room. This is mainly insulated with wood fibre and clad with wood or ceramics.

One system - different locations 

Due to the uniform design, the modules can be easily reproduced and thus installed at different locations. The uniform system can be combined as desired. Thus, sanitary facilities and waiting room can be installed separately as well as joined together.

To ensure accessibility, the modules are even with the ground. The waiting room is glazed and equipped with a monitor and wooden slatted benches. The modules are temperature-controlled - cooled in summer and heated in winter. The sanitary equipment is also uniform and the sanitary rooms are unisex.

Green roof

The roof is provided with a so-called "luggage carrier", which consists of a shaped tube mounting frame. Plant boxes or even PV systems can be mounted on this. The biodiverse green roof with different growth heights cools the environment and the rooms below, provides a valuable habitat for animals and beautifies the surroundings. Under the projecting roof there is space for shelter in the sun or rain.