Il Cuore - Wannenraum






Felix Hohagen

In cooperation with

100Häuser, Marmo di covelano, DornBracht

Commissioned by

Breitwieser Stone World


Competition winner

The basis for IL CUORE is the Covelano marble and what has grown in it over millions of years. It was cut out of the mountain in block form after heat, pressure and time had shaped it.


Designing an object like IL CUORE required a change of thinking and was a challenge at first. Instead of building something as in architecture, you take something away to create something.


Thomas Bärtl

Artificial landscape

The same forces now shape the flowing form of the tub's design, forming ravines, cliffs and hollows; bringing the soul of the stone to light. The soft curves in the stone create extraordinary water moments. Flowing transitions, hills and slight differences in height underline the sculpture's connection with its function - the capture, accumulation and flow of water through an artificial landscape.


Smooth shape

This worked landscape in the shape of an outdoor wellness oasis is characterised by both its strong presence and its soft, natural design. The design emphasises and underlines the uniqueness of the extraordinary material and gives its very core an incomparable shape.