House Kollektiv



Lower Austria, Austria








We developed a temporary living concept for a natural stone dealer. This combines both long-term and short-term living solutions. Our planning is based on the minimal house approach. The aim was to create 40-60 m² living units that not only appear almost randomly situated in the floor plan, but are also stacked on top of each other in section.

Three-dimensionally connected

Stacking and cubing creates an interesting urban space. The different units are connected three-dimensionally via bridges, stairs and vertical closures. A varied residential landscape is created. Each cuboid is a living unit. The vertical, towering cuboids contain the semi-public facilities such as a restaurant, a lake access with bath, a sauna tower, child care and play facilities, a library and work and meeting zones.


Huge building blocks

The entire area is unfenced and car-free - which means everything can be reached on foot or by bike. Parking is available at the edge of the site. With biodiverse greenery between and on the cuboids, the overall picture from above is somewhat reminiscent of giant building blocks thrown randomly into nature. The cuboids and connecting paths are covered with natural stone slabs in different looks.