HBLA Klosterneuburg

School goes green

This competition is about the extension of the HBLA & BA for Viticulture and Fruit Growing Klosterneuburg with a new building. Our goal was not only to develop a building for the desired school functions, but also to represent the values of the school through the design.

The building in the context of its surroundings

In order to make reference to the existing cubature of the buildings to each other, the volume was aligned with the narrow side to the street, whereby the building fits optimally into the overall ensemble with the centrally located historic school building. In addition, we were able to achieve a reduction of the already existing sealed surfaces in this way.



Klosterneuburg, Österreich




Öffentlicher Bereich





Construction and facades

Prefabricated wooden elements form the facade. These enable both economical use of materials and time- and cost-efficient construction. They also create the characteristic facade profile and give the building a pleasantly warm "wood core". Large windows connect the inside with the outside and let plenty of daylight into the rooms.


The building seems to grow out of the landscape. Surrounded by green spaces, it is partially built into the slope and thus merges with its surroundings. The building is crowned by the glass house on the roof, which additionally emphasises the importance of wine and fruit cultivation.


Greenhouses as a roof 

What is special about this design is the position of the greenhouses - they are not just on the roof, they form the roof of the building. The elevated position allows for optimal use of the sun's rays, and the glass roof gives the building the appearance of being "opened up" towards the top. In this way, it is also light and airy when viewed from the outside, and even green when in use. In addition, the raised glass house saves space and prevents further sealing.

Events and courtyard sale

The main entrance is centrally located and clearly visible from the street at the front of the building. Thus, one can directly access the foyer and the courtyard sale via the small forecourt. The large gymnasium serves simultaneously as an event space and is connected to the rooms above via the tribune. For events, the various functions can be easily and flexibly combined with the adjoining areas to form a large, open space association.


More green, more space

Special focus was placed on the creation of new open and green spaces. These offer regeneration space for students and teachers and can be used for events.