Emirates Pearl Hotel

Luxurious Torsion


    The luxurious Emirates Pearl Hotel is situated in a prime location on Corniche Road, the famous beach promenade in the middle of Abu Dhabi. In direct proximity to the world-famous Emirates Palace, the resort is positioned in the top class of business hotels.


    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


    2005 - 2017


    Tourism and gastronomy


    Matthew Shaw

    In cooperation with

    Local Partners Abadi Arkan

    Commissioned by

    Mr. Ahmed Al Mutawaa, Atlas Hospitality


    Competition winner

    Luxurious functionalism

    The daringly expressive form offers a new, differentiated appearance from every side. The lavish and modern design concept includes other exclusive features such as a helipad directly connected to the elevator, a variety of high-quality restaurant and spa facilities, and a private marina. In total, the Emirates Pearl Hotel comprises 365 rooms. The offer here ranges from a double room to a first-class luxury suite.


    Transparent volumes

    The ground floor is a completely transparent volume which contains all public and administrative functions of the hotel. Above it rises a five-storey podium volume, which is separated from the towering hotel levels by a second interstice - the Podium Roof - where bar, terrace, pool and Jacuzzi are situated.

    Characteristic outward appearance

    Two semi-circular hotel wings spiral upwards around an elliptical circulation core. All the rooms have balconies which define the building's characteristic outward appearance with a linear composition of railing elements. Coated glass panes provide sun protection and enable an outstanding view. Metal louvers complement these elements.