Florido Tower

Interior Design Relaunch

The refurbishment concept of the Florido Tower in Vienna Floridsdorf, built in 2000, was conceived with the keywords: lively, active, human and livable-natural. Our idea was to incorporate the nature around the Florido Tower into our design and to actively create a connection to the nearby green oases of the Danube through the use of wood and generous greenery. 

The Florido Tower, with its 113 m, offers space for commercial areas and offices on 31 floors. The building also has a lobby, a canteen, a fitness room, social rooms and think tanks. A landscaped inner courtyard and a spacious forecourt provide open spaces for change and recreation.


1210 Vienna, Austria




Office Interior Relaunch


Petra Rautenstrauch

Commissioned by 

Peak Vienna


Yesterday, cool, fancy, imposing Google offices were the latest trend. The new office modernity tends to the cozy living room atmosphere, in which finally the working person is in the center again.


Wojciech Czaja

Plants and wood

Clear shapes and warm colours form the basis of the interior design, focusing on comfortable, functional and at the same time modern furnishings. The generous interior and exterior planting is not only a stylistic device, it also has a positive effect on the indoor climate and well-being. The carefully used interplay of reflections and light, as well as the use of natural materials such as wood, complete the overall concept and give it its special appeal.

Forecourt and entrance area 

The open forecourt is designed as an "urban square". Here, too, the clear forms and natural materials are characteristic, which are reflected in the seating and roofing. The transparent façade makes the entire entrance area look spacious, open and bright. From the forecourt, you can see through the large lobby to the green inner courtyard, which visually connects all areas. The semicircular canopy of the forecourt also merges organically into the wooden ceiling of the lobby, creating a sense of unity despite the expanse. The wooden reception desk and a metre-high moss wall bring nature into the interior of the building. Concrete columns carefully break up the design and add a new haptic to the concept.


The inner courtyard as a green oasis 

Trees and plants of all kinds were planted in the inner courtyard to create a green oasis for the staff. A wood-clad terrace was added as an extension to the canteen and additional shading elements provide shelter and a place for conversations and breaks on hot summer days.