Library Seestadt

Interior Design of the first “open library” in Vienna


1220 Vienna, Austria


2018 - 2021






A new branch of the Vienna Libraries is being built in Vienna's Seestadt district. Based on the Scandinavian concept of an "Open Library", it is the first of its kind in Vienna. What makes Open Libraries so special is that they can also be used outside opening hours. The concept is to make libraries a cultural meeting place where not only classical reading is in the foreground, but also readings or courses can take place.

Open spaces and undulating ceilings

The architectural concept of the library in Seestadt offers plenty of space for meeting and exchange with high and open rooms. Attributes such as dynamism, friendliness, geometry and freshness are central to the design. The mood of the whole room is indicated by the striking ceiling structure. It makes reference to the lake through its colour and wavy structure.


The aim was to connect people with the library and Seestadt. A flowing landscape of bookshelves is created to remind people of the movements and shapes of the lake.


Inviting and variable

Different zones of the library in the lending-, youth- and children's areas are emphasised by alternating floor materials. Reading tables on the promenade side invite passers-by to visit the library, so that residents of the district can easily meet to create shared memories and ideas.

Daylight enters the premises through high window fronts, giving the areas a friendly expression. Long, narrow light rails bring variety into the space; these are positioned in a planned manner at the bending points of the ceiling and at the colour change of the flooring.