Awash Insurance Company

Headquarter for the AIC

As part of a competition, a new headquarter was to be built for the Awash Insurance Company, which would not only be the company's head office but also a representation of the company. We wanted to visualise this in our design from the outside as well. The Awash, one of the largest and most famous rivers in Ethiopia, gives its name to AIC and stands for "being in the flow", growth and development. This guiding principle led us to the idea for our design.





Addis Abeba, Ethiopia







In cooperation with

Image Consultancy PLC Addis Abeba


Competition entry




Both the undulating torsion moving upwards from the front facade across the left side of the tower and a sweep visible from the side between the parts of the building are reminiscent of a river meandering over or through the parts of the building.


City view

Glazed panorama elevators on the west side of the tower provide access to the individual office floors. Through the glass, one can enjoy the unobstructed view towards the city centre during the ride. Every lift ride becomes an experience when the cabin "breaks through" the ceiling of the shopping centre and one moves along the tower into the sky.


With a height of 105 metres, the building extends over a total of 28 storeys and offers a gross floor area of 42,600 square metres.


Open space

A shopping mall extends over three floors in the podium. At its centre is a spacious atrium that connects the floors into an open space.


The floors of the tower primarily provide office space. The offices of the AIC Board of Directors and the CEOs are located on the top floors.

Light and flowing

Metallic blue iridescent vertical fins reinforce the twist on the tower and emphasise the design, which is reminiscent of water. Both the facade of the tower and parts of the podium facade are cladded and fully glazed. They give the tower a uniform and light effect. Prominent coloured vertical profiles follow a gradient pattern. They give the tower a changing appearance as you pass by and can be illuminated at night.