Penthouse 1st District

Playing with the Dark Side

This project is about the conversion and extension of an existing Gründerzeit attic in Vienna's city centre into a customised, highly luxurious penthouse. Starting from a finished roof shell, 3 individual (finished) attic flats are to be combined. 

The newly created penthouse extends over approx. 1000 m2 and has several private roof gardens. The entire flat is roughly divided into two areas: a private living area with master bedroom, living room, guest room, fitness room and an entertainment area with show kitchen, bar and dinner area.



1010 Vienna, Austria






Vahid Interior & Lighting


Competition entry





To respond to the request for a fancy high-end flat, we wanted to top the "programme" - either by total reduction or complete exaggeration.
Our approach to fancy interior design and opulence was to address the questions "What is opulent?" and "Which artworks/genres work with opulence?".

Style epochs such as Art Deco and Baroque as well as postmodern artists and their works such as Peter Greenaway, Marco Ferreri ("The Big Eat") and David Lynch ("Dune") were our answer and source of inspiration. In particular, we drew on the ruling houses of the Atreides ("Dune") and cited them in both the living and bar areas.


Playing with the dark side

The bright, homely living space on the one hand is juxtaposed with the dark, mysterious "bar world". This results in a certain field of tension. Opulence and sweeping glamour mix with the mysterious, almost eerie. Honeycomb-like lamps hang from the mysteriously patterned ceilings - the play with the dark side, even the edge, is always palpable here - even if not at first glance. This is our interpretation of luxury, holding up a mirror on the edge of decadence.


Söhne & Partner Architekten, Penthouse 1.Bezirk
Söhne & Partner Architekten, Penthouse 1.Bezirk
Söhne & Partner Architekten, Penthouse 1.Bezirk