Cafe at the Museum

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Vienna, Austria







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Design Study


The focus in the design of the cafe is on the centre of the domed hall. This design is geared towards emphasising the prominent centre of the room and highlighting it in its particularity. By freely arranging the furniture in circular segments, the space is on the one hand framed and zoned, and on the other hand at the same time condensed. All columns are left free and great attention is paid to keeping the visual axes free when arranging the furniture. The bar is moved towards the centre of the staircase in order to offer visitors a dignified reception. If necessary - for example at special events - the bar can easily be converted into a buffet.

Flexible furniture for multifunctional purposes

All furniture elements are flexible and, if necessary, can be easily moved by means of lifting rollers. Special stacking chairs allow conversions to be made in the room very quickly and efficiently.

Like the furniture, the mobile showcases are also distributed around the room within the circle segments. Because they are powered by rechargeable batteries, they do not require a fixed power connection and can be freely arranged in the room. The different heights of the tables and chairs create a natural division of the room into different areas. Room dividers and table undersides are equipped with sound-absorbing materials to improve the acoustics in the dome.


Modern chandelier for a special (light) mood

The colour accents of the furnishing elements are primarily based on the solid colours of the museum's exhibition rooms. The classic, contemporary design is also perfectly matched to the furnishings.

Another central design element is the modern chandelier, which is installed low in the domed hall. The circle contributes to better lighting of the entire room and creates a special lighting mood at each table with its special accentuation.