Seebad Illmitz

For the planning of the sea resort Illmitz at Lake Neusiedl we won the 3rd place of the BEST(un)BUILT competition.

In the course of the conception of the master plan, we worked like sculptors and found inspiration in local artists such as Karl Prantl. We aimed to create a signature seaside resort that is distinctive in form, design and layout, as unique as the place itself.

Sulphur and Salt

We identify the geological quarry (Mönchhofer Fischerhüttenbruch) as the origin of the unique natural landscape of Illmitz and its surroundings. The action of natural forces in the earth's interior causes the emergence of mineral water, sulphur and salt and the special composition of the soil layers. The subterranean natural forces are the origin of the unique flora and fauna of the surrounding national park and also become the origin of the master plan. Nature makes its way into the interior of the lido via channels and plants and connects the different areas with each other.


Illmitz, Austria




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le scha & partner 

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Konsulent Landschaftsplanung: Idealice


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Wind and water

The strong wind in this area and the water are the characteristics of Lake Neusiedl. The architectural concept picks up on the dynamics of these forces and makes them visible. A new natural architectural landscape is created that is figuratively shaped by the natural forces that occur, water and wind.



The water, which first cuts into the stone, also serves to grind and polish its surface with endlessly repeating movements ... The size of each intervention is rhythmically articulated in relation to the stone.


Karl Prantl