Minute Medical

Medical Clinic for Nuclear Medicine


1090 Vienna, Austria




Medical office


DI Katharina Schiffl



A new nuclear medicine institute was to be set up in Hoerlgasse in the 9th district. The office is intended to offer patients maximum comfort, safety and discretion, while at the same time reflecting the modern, applied technology and working methods of Minute Medical.


Here, modern molecular medicine and modern architecture meet and become a harmonious whole.


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The reception area is clean - just a white reception counter is set in the middle of the room, which is lit by a low LED ceiling. Following the organically curved grey walls, you enter the waiting area. Cubic niches in the walls are reminiscent of Starwars' Tatooine. Doors, sensors, lights and monitors integrated into the walls, as well as armchairs and tables, look like they come from a space station. Accents in blue and oak wood as well as fluffy carpets form a pleasant contrast. In the doctor's room, patients enjoy the view of green balconies, and in the treatment room, the ceiling is decorated with a picture of the northern lights. The laboratory rooms, on the other hand, are kept clean in white to match their function.