Fire station Liesing


1230 Vienna, Austria




Public facilities


Michael Goldgruber

Wastelands, railway tracks and inconspicuous commercial buildings characterise the area around Achtergasse in Vienna Liesing. In this heterogeneous environment, it was all the more important for us to create a building with a high recognition value, even though it is "only" a garage for the fire station. The garage extends along Achtergasse and houses a vehicle hall for six parking spaces, functional and sanitary rooms as well as an emergency generator room.

Lightning-shaped roof

The architectural formulation of the roof body in the shape of a lightning bolt as well as the choice of colour and material are decisive ingredients for the architectural recognition value of the fire station in Vienna Liesing. By moving the front of the garage away from the building line, it was possible to create a covered entrance area for the garage.


Finally, the new structure of the fire station in Vienna Liesing is our architectural contribution to the structural homogenisation and attractiveness of the area around the Achtergasse in Vienna Liesing.