Our version of the Lans Education Centre was created as part of a competition. The aim was to create spaces that facilitate open and networked teaching. We therefore decided to transfer the required spatial programme and its numerous spatial connections almost one-to-one into the third dimension, without overlooking the landscape and urban planning specifications of the site. The entire usable space is to be seen as a continuum of related learning and experiential spaces.

Bildungszentrum Lans


Lans, Austria




Educational Centre


Competition entry


The new building is partly two storeys high. It follows the surrounding building structure and makes optimal use of the slope, reducing the cubature towards the edge of the village. Its planar ground plan provides the basis for the practical layout. The entire usable space is interrelated. The central system of order results from an inner courtyard in the centre, which is adjoined by marketplaces and the vertical accesses. These in turn are connected to the rooms of the individual clusters. This order runs through all the floors.

"Being safe and secure

The school, the kindergarten and the nursery are connected by the common inner courtyard, the two-storey movement room, the library and its lounges in front. 

All learning and leisure areas are arranged directly along the outer or inner courtyard facade. This provides optimal use of daylight. The inner courtyard conveys a feeling of "being safe" and becomes a place of encounter, social interaction and thus stands for the development of a sense of community.

A large outdoor area is located on the roof of the gymnasium. This is connected to the ground floor via a barrier-free access. Here there is space for learning, playing and relaxing.


When designing the facade, the lighting of the rooms but also the child-friendly window or parapet height is of particular importance and is implemented in the form of homely benches. The proposed design of the facade creates a high recognition value through its uniqueness. The interplay of forms and materials of the interior and exterior gives the building its character.


Söhne & Partner Architekten, Bildungszentrum Lans
Söhne & Partner Architekten, Bildungszentrum Lans