Tax consultancy office

Vienna’s first hotel lobby as tax consultancy


1010 Vienna, Austria






Michael Goldgruber



In most tax consulting offices, the only eye-catcher when entering the premises is the latest edition of the Kodex. For a renowned law office in the centre of Vienna, this is now a thing of the past: it is transforming its entrance area into an inviting feel-good lobby.

Hotel lobby look 

While planning the reconstruction of the entire office space, the redesign of the reception and the meeting rooms was announced in a small architectural competition. We were able to convince the jury of our unusual design, which so far has been particularly popular with high-class hotels. Now we are able to implement our ideas of an unconventional tax consultancy design in the look of a feel-good hotel lobby.


Although the design of a tax consultancy office in the first district naturally calls for high-class interior architecture, open wiring, raw concrete surfaces and a loft-like design turn the rooms into somewhat more accessible and responsive.


Caramel - Beige

The use of natural, earth-coloured materials creates an atmosphere that appeals to both clients and employees the same way. The dominant colour - mostly caramel-beige - and the warm lighting plays an important role in transforming the reception into a cosy and welcoming area.

The rooms smoothly flow into each other, the lighting is subtle, most of the spatial edges are radiused and especially the furniture shows a lot of curvatures - all of which significantly increase the well-being character of the lobby and also highlights the extraordinary design for this tax consultancy office.