Parking Level M

A treehouse for man and machines

The architecture reflects the tree house with all the characteristics one remembers from childhood: a personal retreat high above the ground, the enjoyment of an expansive view, the "staging" of one's favourite things or simply the familiar rustling of the leaves. 
These ideas are combined with the functions of an extravagant garage. Above all, the topography of the site, the location on the property as well as the connection invited us - the ARGE, Söhne & Partner Architekten and BEST(un)BUILT® - to create a special staging.


Burgenland, Austria






Markus Kaiser

In cooperation with

le scha & partner


The formal language, materials and geometry together create a mysterious, powerful and surprising atmosphere that is strongly reminiscent of the dramaturgy of a James Bond film.


Luxury garage as tree house 

The architectural solution provides for a parking deck or a garage building with a net area of 63m² plus a staircase landing of about 3.6m². By adapting to the trees on the site, the parking level has a polygonal ground plan. The garage entrance on the street side with the bridge in front, the two large glass portals and the external staircase leading to the garden area below form an immediate interface between interior and exterior space. Thus, the topographical slope already mentioned allows vehicles to enter at the higher level - the street level - and at the same time forms the connection to the terrace and living area of the site through the supporting structure.




Homogeneous facade 

The parking deck is supported by a central column and rises above a cantilevered tree top. The tree house itself represents the tree in which it is built. Below the overhanging part of the building, the terrace forms a sheltered retreat. The façade unifies the building from all sides, including the bottom view.

The interior of the parking deck is very generously dimensioned and offers space for two cars and two motorbikes, a sanitary room and a storage space. In addition, there is enough space for a fitness area and seating area on the end of the building.