Hotel Caldor

Check in yourself


Münchendorf, Austria




Tourism and gastronomy


Severin Wurnig


This is how you accommodate nowadays. Self check-in around the clock. No long waiting.


This is the slogan of Hotel Caldor in Münchendorf, Lower Austria.

A fallow plot of land not far from Vienna's city limits, directly on the B16 federal highway and only a few minutes away from the SCS shopping centre, serves as the basis for the self-check-in hotel.

Central bending point

The building structure of the hotel is oriented along the street and bends slightly away from the central node. This gives the entire building a strong presence when seen from the street.

The core elements of the hotel - the lobby and the check-in machine - are located in this corner. The outer façade not only serves as weather protection, but also as a visual and acoustic barrier to the street. In addition, the exterior panels have a special perforation that takes up the hotel's logo and reproduces it in a playful, abstracted form.


The dialogue between inside and outside

As a consequence, exciting interior and exterior spaces are created that interact and are in dialogue with each other. The result is a meaningful and sustainable design hotel character that avoids being transiently fashionable.


Less is more

The moderate room prices are, partly, a consequence of the low construction costs. As a result, the room sizes of around 14 m² (double room) and 10 m² (single room) have been reduced to a minimum, without appearing small or even constricting. A successful combination of colour and glass, which also separates the "open" sanitary facilities from the rooms, creates an exciting interplay.