Ethiopian Airlines Headquarter

"Ethiopian village"

Due to the rapid growth of Ethiopian Airlines, high demands are expected of the new headquarters in Ethiopia's capital Addis Abeba. The building should not only meet international standards, but should also represent the airline as a link between Ethiopian culture and the world.

Village centre

the basic structure in this design, is analogous to a typical Ethiopian village. The focal point is the bright and spacious lobby. As in a typical village centre, people from all over the world meet here to chat, eat or talk business. The business areas of the office building are arranged around this centre, just like in a real village. Central areas such as the spacious conference rooms can be found here, among others.


Addis Abeba, Ethiopia


2011 – (ongoing)





In cooperation with

BET architects


Competition winner

Integrated in the environment

The new headquarters is embedded in the surrounding landscape, and the newly created landscape becomes an integral part of the building. It forms the basis for the wings of the building, while the landscape flows into the building, into the central lobby.


International and local

The design of the building and its placement on the site also makes expansion possible. Thus, Ethiopian Airlines as an upcoming African company is also represented by the new headquarters without ignoring the local conditions and the Ethiopian environment. Internationality and locality meet in the new headquarters building and are united as one.

Söhne & Partner Architekten, Ethiopian Airlines Headquarter
Söhne & Partner Architekten, Ethiopian Airlines Headquarter