St. Marx Musical Hall

Architectural Case Study II

    Rinderhalle St. Marx Musical Hall / Soehne & Partner architectsRinderhalle St. Marx Muscial Hall / Soehne & Partner architectsRinderhalle St. Marx Musical Hall / Soehne & Partner architects

    The theater is planned in a portion of the impressive historic St. Marx Hall in Vienna. Overall, it will include 1,700 seats - nearly 1,200 on the floor and 500 on the top ranks. For the perfect visual connections some columns will be removed from the audience space.

    The design is characterized by "industrial chic", as the already existing historic steel structure is retained in the draft. Even though partial preservation of the old building stock will be made, it is equipped with a new thermal and acoustic skin.

    The steel-construction: a special feature

    Before entering the foyer in front of the Musical Hall visitors have to make their way through the huge Rinderhalle. When they finally arrive at the foyer people will have the feeling to be walking in a huge steel structure all the time. But in addition to this special feature, there are ramps, staircases and platform giving the foyer a modern yet very glamorous flair.

    All premises of the new musical hall are built barrier-free. Special seating is available at the front of the top ranks – all of them accessible by broad and easy ramps.

    In the area of the fly loft the roof is raised. This new found area is now the basis for a large advertising space set in direction of the Südosttangente.

    All in all there is a modern, contemporary, state of the art Musical Hall arising in St. Marx, which focuses on 'industrial chic' and presents and frames the art of musical in a new way.



    Vienna, Austria