Seebad Illmitz Austria

Söhne & Partner wins 3rd place at Seebad Illmitz competition. In cooperation with BEST(un)BUILT

    Seaside Illmitz AustriaSeaside Illmitz AustriaSeaside Illmitz AustriaSeaside Illmitz AustriaSeaside Illmitz AustriaSeaside Illmitz Austria

    We identify the geological fracture as the origin of the unique landscape of Illmitz and its surrounding area. The impact of the natural forces inside the earth internal structure causes the egression of mineral water, sulfur, and salt, as well as the unique composition of the strata. The natural forces inside the earth are the origin of the evolution of the flora and fauna of the national park and therefore became the base of our masterplan. The nature runs through canals and plants into the masterplan and connects the different areas with each other.

    The harsh winds and the water are characteristic of the region and the architectural concept utilizes this dynamic and makes it visible. A new natural architectural landscape arises and the wind and water, figuratively shape this architectural landscape.

    We worked on the conception of the Masterplan like sculptors and were inspired by Austrian artists like Karl Prantl:

    “The water, which makes cutting the stone possible, also serves the purpose of polishing the stone's surface with its endlessly repeating movements. The size of each intervention is rhythmically organized in relation to the stone.”.

    The aim is to create a distinctive signature lakeside resort, as unique as Illmitz itself



    Illmitz Österreich Neusiedlersee.




    ARGE Söhne & Partner Architekten with BEST(un)BUILT

    Landscape planning: