Glacis Beisl

Just traditional


1070 Vienna, Austria






Alexander Koller

In cooperation with

Arkan Zetynoglu Architects



Long before the opening of the well known Museumsquartier Vienna, the Glacis Beisl was already established in the area and rebuilt in 2004. 

Viennese Beisl

The interior design is inspired by the traditional Viennese Beisl in its arrangement and choice of material: dark wood, resopal panels for the tables, polished terrazzo as flooring and parquet flooring in the bar area.


"Viennese with a twist" is the motto for the relaunch of the Glacis Beisl.


Green terrace

In front of the restaurant there is a green terrace and a group of huge, old nut trees which merge into the interior design via a pergola and a winter garden.

The winter garden is clad in coloured wooden panels. Its faces and edges diffuse into teardrop shaped cut-outs – as a symbol of change and modernity. This special design also functions as a sun protection that casts an intriguing play between light and shadow inside the restaurant.