Crested Crane Hotel

Feasibility Study

    Crested Crane Hotel / Söhne & Partner architectsCrested Crane Hotel / Söhne & Partner architectsCrested Crane Hotel / Söhne & Partner architectsJinja - Uganda / Source: google maps

    Purpose of this report is to provide Crested Crane Hotel and Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute (UHTTI) an understanding of the potential feasibility and performance of an upgraded hotel in conjunction with the upgraded teaching institute and boarding-house.

    We have been visiting the site in Jinja in February 2016 and inspected the building site, the building itself and the surrounding environment. During this evaluation we conducted meetings and interviews with authorities and main stakeholders, to get to know their opinion about the hotel, the location and the plot in general.

    Based on first Masterplan sketches we conducted conversations with the authorities to coordinate sustainability and authorization matters.

    Overall it is our aim to keep and renovate the existing Crested Crane building and existing school block to be implemented in the future building complex. It is desirable to keep the original building so it can maintain its popular landmark function.

    This design is a study - the competition for the winning design is still taking place.

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    In cooperation with Tourismusschulen Salzburg.